Monday, February 27, 2006


Hey people. I haven't written in aaaaaaaaages. I got MONO! It's like I was burning the fricken candle at ten ends! LOL! ANYwayz thank goodness for my kitties oh lordy who knows what I would do without them, seriously I so do not know!

Oh and a special somebody who will remain linkless LOL exposed my clever tillyrabbit idea or, reason why I go by TillyRabbit in the "blogosphere" (that term is so STRANGE still getting use to it lol) and yes I chose it because Tilly is like silly and when I think of silly I think of silly rabbit tricks are for kids ROFL!

It's good to be back on the world wide web girls!

ps. has anyone been watching the Olympics????

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sex in the SKINNY

Wow the weekend just blew right on by. I spent it with one of my MANY guilty pleasures, SITC! Lol. I have major bags under my eyes now, so worth it though. Those dvds were the best money I ever spent, I am now officially inspired to HIT THE GYM! I can;t wait until summer when I will be a whole new me in a whole new tiny bathing suit. No more t-shirts in the pool!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is my cousin vanessa who send me tons of funny emails. I consider herr somewhat of a sister more than a cousin because she has always been there for me looking out and what not. I love you Vanessa. I can't wait to see you in the spring when you get back from working in Virginia!

There are so many funny instances that happened while hanging with vanessa, I don't know where to begin! Lol. Stay tuned gang.

more of my sons


My cousin Vanessa just emailed me this link: and have you girls seen it? Now I know what I'll be doing for the next three hours. Thanks a lot Vanessa, heehee. I'm just kidding, you rule!

Chauncey and Rutledge

That's Chauncey and Rutledge my babies. Chauncey is the darker one and what a character he is! I figure I may as well go on and post photos of them already and introduce you ladies to them both because well, you better get use to seeing them lol. They're a big part of my life and I don't know what I would do without them. My ex Michael was extremely jealous of Chauncey, lol, it was funny to see.

At the end of our relationship it was pretty obvious that all of my love and affection was going directly toward Chauncey and you know what he damn well deserved it because as far as I remember Chauncey never cheated on me!

Men, *&^% them!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hubba Hubba, look out boys!

That's what my body looked like four summers ago on vacation in Australia, I totally miss that tan. Sigh. I need to lose weight.

Note to self: lose weight!

Paper or plastic?

I do not like the check-out girl at the local A&P she has way too much attitude for someone her age like Oh My God girl! Her hair is atrocious and she wears a lot of perfume and we all know how I feel about perfume, so unnecessary! I can't get over her hair it's like SO bleached it's like white even and she takes four hours to bag my could drive home and back ten times before she even aks if it is paper or plastic!

What is a girl to do huh?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

hi i am Tilly

Let's get this party started ya'll! What's up my girls???